Interlocking Hearts

Interlocking Hearts

The dollar store is a great place to find crafting supplies as long as you're not too worried about them being acid free. The hearts for this card were cut from a red holographic gift box that came in a pack of three. I also used silver foil giftwrap for the backing for the doily, and the doily itself came from the dollar store as well. With a $3 investment, I can make quite a few cards.

Here's how to make the card:
Glue the doily to the silver foil and trim off the excess foil so that it does not stick out from underneath the daily. Cut the hearts out using the heart "shadow" on the shadow shapes template. Cut through one of the sides of one of the hearts where the hearts will overlap. Slip the intact heart through the cut so that the hearts interlock. Arrange the hearts so that the intact heart is on top of the cut. Glue the hearts to the daily. Punch two little hearts and add them as shown.

  • Glue stick
  • Coluzzle Shadow Shapes Heart template
  • Paper doily 4 inch
  • Silver foil
  • Red card stock
  • Red holographic or glittered card stock
  • Heart punch 5/8" (McGill)
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