Tea Bag Folding Instructions

Tea bag folding was originally done with tea bag wrappers, hence the name. Tea bag folding consists of folding little squares of decorative paper in a specific pattern and arranging the folded pieces to form a more-or-less round motif or medallion. The finished medallion can be used for scrapbook embellishments or on handmade greeting cards.

Here are some free tea bag folding instructions for you to try.

Click on a picture to view the tea bag folding instructions.

Medallions made with octagon tiles

Octagon tea bag fold 1
Octagon 1
Jewel tea bag fold

Medallions made with square tiles

Layered Star
Layered Star
Tulip tea bag fold
Sunflower tea bag fold
Star with open center tea bag fold
Open Center Star
Pinwheel tea bag fold
Star tea bag fold
Seven Point Star
Star tea bag fold
Simple Star
Triple star tea bag fold
Triple Star

Medallions made with rectangle tiles

Snowflake made from rectangle tiles

Medallions made with round tiles

Flower Petal tea bag fold
Flower Petals
Zig Zag tea bag fold
Zig Zag
Dahlia tea bag fold
Angel tea bag fold
Angel Fold

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