Embossed Easter Basket

Embossed Easter Basket

Send Easter greetings with this handmade Easter basket card.


Cut a 5" x 7" rectangle from the blue and yellow glossy papers.
Cut the aperture in the blue paper by cutting 4 1/2" diameter half circles 1/4" in from the top and bottom edges (#1 channel on the Coluzzle circle template). complete the aperture by cutting straight lines between the top and bottom half circles. Do the same thing with the yellow paper with 4" diameter half circles (#2 channel) 1/2" in from the top and bottom edges.

Use the paper you cut from the blue frame to make the basket. Use channel #3 of the nested oval template to cut a half oval for the bottom of the basket (approx. 3 1/8" wide at the top and 2" high). Use channels #4 and #5 to cut the handle. (approx. 1/4" thick, 2 5/8" wide at the bottom and 1 3/4" high)

Use the #2 butterfly wing from the butterlfy template to cut the eggs, then use scissors to round the small end of the egg.

Emboss squares onto the bottom half of the basket in a checkerboard pattern to simulate a basket weave.

Emboss a bow onto glossy yellow paper and cut out around the embossing

Emboss flowers in the corners of the blue frame.

Arrange and glue it all together

  • Glue stick
  • Card blank 5.5" x 7.5"
  • Coluzzle butterfly template
  • Coluzzle nested circle template
  • Coluzzle nested oval template
  • Pastel blue glossy paper
  • Pink glossy paper
  • Purple glossy paper
  • Yellow glossy paper
  • Heart & Flower brass stencil
  • Rose Wreath with Bow brass stencil
  • Shape Boss Creative Sampler template #5610
  • Embossing tool - Medium (1/8" and 3/16")
  • Light box
  • Shape Boss
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