Birthday Card With Diamond Cut and Fold Wreath

Make this cut and fold birthday card using my Diamond Cut and Fold pattern and graphics from PC Crafter's Birthday Celebrations creatable by Janie Dawson. Visit PC Crafter at .

For best results read all the way through the instructions before starting.

You will need:

Cut and Fold Birthday card

Step 1

Step 2- Printing

Using the graphics from the Birthday Celebrations creatable:

Pattern placement

Step 3

Using low-tack tape or plastic-tack attach the 3 3/4" Diamond Cut and Fold Pattern to the light blue side of the duo paper.

You will be cutting a circle around the finished design, so make sure you center the pattern on the paper.

Step 4

Place the paper with the pattern attached to it on a cutting mat. Using your craft knife, carefully cut along each of the lines making sure that you cut through both the pattern and the paper underneath.

Step 5

Remove the pattern.

Cutting and scoring the designs

Using a ruler and a scoring tool, score along the ends of each half-diamond. This will make a nice crisp fold for the next step.

Step 6

Fold each half-diamond forward along the score lines, tucking the edge of each diamond under the solid center of the next diamond as shown.

Folding the half diamonds

Step 7

Finished folding

After you have finished folding and tucking, use a circle-cutter to cut around the design as shown. Center and glue the design to the dark blue circle you cut out in Step 1

Step 8

happy birthday

Cut a 1 1/4" x 3 1/4" rectangle around "Happy Birthday" Mount it in the center of the dark blue rectangle you cut out in Step 1. Cut out two of the ribbons and put one at both upper corners of the "Happy Birthday" label

Step 9

Align and attach the circle with the cutwork completed in step 7 and the "Happy Birthday" label completed in step 8 to the front of the card

Step 10 - 3D Balloons

Cut out one set of balloons in it's entirity, including the strings. This will be your bottom layer

3D Balloons

Step 11 - 3D Package

In the same way, cut and layer the package as illustrated.
layering illustration
Step 12

Birthday Card To complete the card, attach the balloons the the upper left side, the package to the lower right side and the gold numbers to the center of the cut and fold circle.

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