3D Decoupage

Paper Tole, or 3D decoupage is a technique where several copies of a picture are layered to create a 3D effect. In traditional paper tole, each layer has a spacer behind it to make it stand out and it has fewer elements than the previous layer. For basic traditional paper tole instructions see my Paper Tole Instructions page.

A simpler form of paper tole, known as Pyramid Paper Tole, involves layering several copies of the same image with each successive layer being smaller than the one before it, creating a stacked pyramid. Pyramid Paper Tole can be in any shape or in a variety of shapes and can also be reversed for a recessed effect. You can download my pyramid paper tole sheets from the Paper Tole page in the Projects and Instructions section.

Here is a collection of some of the paper tole cards I have made over the years. For a larger view of each card and to read more details if any are available, click a card image. I am currently in the process of updating the details for all of my cards, so if no details are listed, check back later.

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