Silver Star

These instructions are for the five point star pattern. You can download the pattern here.

If this is the first time you have tried paper embroidery, I recommend that you try the teardrop ornament first.

You Will Need:
Step 1

Glue the decorative paper with the aperture to the 4" x 5 1/4" piece of heavy card.

cutting the aperture
Step 2
pattern placement
  • Cut out one of the star patterns and center it inside the aperture on the front of the heavy cardstock.
  • Place the cardstock on top of the foam pad pattern side up.
  • Using your embroidery needle or paper piercing tool, poke a hole through each of the dots in the pattern making sure to go all the way through the card.
  • When you have punched all of the holes, remove the pattern.
Step 3

Thread your embroidery needle with a single strand of silver floss. Tape one end of the floss to the back of the card as shown.

Note: While embroidering, when you come to the end of a piece of floss, just tape the ends to the back of the card. Do not tie knots as it will create bumps under your work.

tape the floss to the back of the card
Step 4
begin stitching

Turn the card over so that the front is facing up. Bring the needle up at #1, then down at #2, up at #3 and down at #4, etc. Note that on the red dots, the needle passes from the back of the card to the front (up) and on the black dots the needle passes from the front to the back of the card (down).

Step 5

Continue the rest of the way along the two sides of the star point.

stitching the star
Step 6
stitching the star

Complete the remaining points in the same way

Step 7

Now you are are ready to stitch the star center. Follow the instructions, continuing clockwise around the star until you are back where you started.

stitching the card
Step 8
stitching the card

When you are finished stitching, tape the end of the embroidery floss to the back of the card. This is what the completed star will look like.

Step 9

Glue your work to a card blank. Add wording as shown. I used a gel pen for the wording on this card. First I printed the words using my printer, then I used my light-box and traced the words with a metallic blue gel-pen onto a piece of light-weight cardstock and glued that to the front of the card.

finished card
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